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Date de publication: 16 déc. 2011
Auteur: Y. B.
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La FSA, l'Autorité des marchés de la Grande-Bretagne, a publié une analyse de l'activité des marchés de l'énergie en 2011.

Résumé :

For the tenth consecutive year, we (the FSA) have written to UK energy market brokers to ask for information about volumes and values in the gas, power, coal and emissions traded markets (‘the market(s)’) they operate in. We aim to gather information on favoured routes to market and market size to help assess firms’ potential market impacts. This information also helps to focus our efforts in identifying risks to the market through our market surveillance programmes.

Our analysis is for the 12 months of trading to 31 July 2011 (‘this year’). We surveyed the same participants as last year (12 months of trading to 31 July 2010) and, because the analysis is focused on the UK energy broker market, we have not attempted to include any exchange-traded figures. Our analysis is based on data provided by respondents, which we collated without verification.

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